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the pre-Qin, famous in the Tang Dynasty, prospered in the Song Dynasty, declined in the late Qing Dynasty, and finally annihilated in the Republic of China. Contained: "The West Lake is in the northwest of the state, the lake is ten miles away, Guangsanli. According to legend, the ancient waters are unpredictable, and the vastness is the same (length and width are equal)." It can be seen that her past is profound and far-reaching. , Green Willow Yingan; Fangfei Zhaodao, Linyuan rotten; winding path to the quiet, oblique bridge Zebian; painting Zhu Zhu boat, floor pavilion; Between the lines, you can see the unique beauty of the West Lake in Zhangzhou. The West Lake is famous in the world, the pavilion is the best, and it can be compared with the West Lake in Hangzhou.�� The ancient West Lake is thirty-six, and the West Lake and the West Lake in Hangzhou are the most famous. It belongs to one of the four famous West Lakes in the world. So annihilated, there are noble souls who love them; every historic city has a profound cultural heritage. This kind of heritage is like a hundred years old, mellow, fragrant, long, long, is enough to bring the human soul to the heights. Cities without foundations, prosperous, are also impetuous and shallow for the world's tourists, has been thousands of years of history. Scholars and writers, great thinkers, great writers, and great politicians have infused their own souls and ideas into them. At the beginning of the formation of a specific humanistic West Lake Pavilion, the West Lake in Zhangzhou began her cultural prosperity until the Song Dynasty reached its peak. There have been seven famous celebrities such as the Northern Song Dynasty's literary prime minister, Sui Shu, the Northern Song Dynasty writer Ouyang Xiu, Su Dongpo, and the Song Dynasty Zhongshu Lang Lugong Wholesale Cigarettes. They have made immortal feats for the ancient Xizhou construction and cultural heritage. Their arrival is undoubtedly the dream of building a literati. In politics, leading the people to dredge the West Lake, beautify the West Lake, plant the flowers and trees, and gain the pavilion, making the ancient West Lake of Luzhou beautiful and beautiful. Garden architecture is famous in the world. They made the West Lake, and the West Lake also made them, just as the Liuzi made Yongzhou, and Yongzhou also made the natural landscape of Liuzi to cultivate their sentiments. There is a poem that says "When you get the help of Jiangshan, you don't have poetry in Xiaoxiang." Sexual spirits need mountains and rivers to nourish. Similarly, if there is no West Lake, Ouyang, the second is one. To be true is the heart Marlboro Cigarettes, and nature is the heart. The West Lake in Zhangzhou entered their hearts and flowed out of their pens. It was a glimpse of the ages, and they were drunk and coming and going. Their poems make the West Lake famous and far-reaching, and its cloud: "Drawing the boat Marlboro Lights, carrying the wine, the West Lake is good, the tube is rushing, the jade is urging, and the calming wave is drunk. The cloud is under the boat, the water is clear. Fresh, pitching and staying, suspected that the lake is about 4 kilometers, the perimeter is 11.5 kilometers, the lake is about 5.74 square kilometers, the depth of the water is 1 to 2 meters, the girl's station, to the old hall of the recession. I saw the weeping willow with rain, smoke and waves Wide. Ten miles of peach red, Baili cherry. The ancient wood is hidden, such as the dust edge. The lake is covered with heavy beams, surrounded by curved corridors, simple, clear waves, curved bridge Zhulan, reflecting the bottom of the lake; looking up the double peaks into the clouds, Changhong flying frame, The breeze of Xuxi Lake has been more than 20 years old. The wonders of this Chinese garden are still little known to the world. She is like a beautiful woman in her deep, shy and delicate, just waiting for a lover to open her red hijab. She is a famous person. Life is a confidant. I just want to learn the European public "Building a room to buy Tianqing Shanwei" and shouting at the distant mountains: West Lake, you owe a name to Ganzhou! Read the poems of Tang and Song Dynasties Carton Of Cigarettes, Raining on the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, I know It is heavy, what is the responsibility Newport Cigarettes Coupons, what is the responsibility. Yes, West Lake and Zhangzhou, originally a couple, is a blend of spirit and flesh. The love between Zhangzhou and West Lake is a long-cherished vicissitudes. Adding her charm. When she reappears in the world with her peerless appearance, it brings us not only the face of the romantic, but also the touch of the heart and the cleansing of the spirit.

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